I began seeing Priscilla Kerr for infertility issue from March 2014. Before seeking treatment from Priscilla Kerr, I was referred to a fertility clinic because of endometriosis and fibroid. These issues might cause infertility. The fertility specialist suggested us to do an IVF treatment after he performed a surgery to remove the fibroid. Another reason the specialist suggested the IVF treatment was because I was an old woman (over 40 years old). Time really matters. We tried 2 cycles of IVF treatments, but we were unsuccessful.

Therefore, we decided to try the Chinese tradition medicine—Acupuncture and hoped it would help. In fact, the miracle happened after seeing Priscilla Kerr. I conceived naturally after a few treatments by Priscilla Kerr. I was so happy because Priscilla Kerr helped my dream coming true. In addition, besides the routine treatments, Priscilla Kerr has given me lots of valuable information and guide me about what I should pay attention to in order to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and avoid an early miscarriage. Now I am 5 months of pregnancy. A recent ultrasound showed that everything was on the right track. We really appreciate the effective and amazing treatment by Priscilla Kerr.