I am a 35 year veteran in the Winnipeg Fire Dept. and as you all well know it can be emotionally and physically stressful. I was referred to Priscilla Kerr through a mutual friend who had told me Priscilla Kerr had done wonders for her. My problem was incurred during a fire about 20 years ago in which i fell into the basement and became trapped. My fellow firefighters attempted to extract me from the basement but in doing so I incurred damage to my shoulder and neck. Being young at the time I thought the pain would just go away and it did. But unfortunately I had an auto accident about 6 years which injured it again including my neck. I began getting tingling in my hand, and my fingers were always cold. Within 6 weeks of treatment Priscilla Kerr had resolved the issue and I was on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, as luck would have it I incurred a stiffness and burning in my neck area that became progressively worse due to another work related injury. Priscilla Kerr is presently taking care of that and it has gone from a painful 10 to about a 4. I am confident Priscilla Kerr will rectify the situation.Once she has done so I THINK IT WILL BE TIME FOR RETIREMENT!! Thank you again Priscilla Kerr for your professionalism and care

Sincerely, Barry Carpenter