Pain is described as acute emotional and physical distress. I had never quite understood the actual toll that severe pain could have on an individual until I personally experienced the day to day effect of pain and the related emotional and physical distress it brought.

Approximately four years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, after experiencing pain from my lower back radiating down my right leg which caused considerable discomfort. At that time the pain was manageable and for the most part did not prevent me from carrying on my daily activities. However, as time passed, the intensity as well as duration of the pain gradually increased to the point that activities in my life had become totally compromised.

My quality of life had dropped to the point where I was unable to walk for more than a minute without experiencing pain which would bring me to tears. My level of physical activity had decreased to a bare minimum and my emotions had now gotten the better of me.

Over these past four years, my very astute family physician referred me to every possible doctor who might be able to assist in finding a solution to alleviating the extreme pain. After I had received numerous consultations with medical professionals and still experienced no relief from the pain, my daughter-in-law, a physiotherapist and pain management expert herself in the field of women’s health, suggested and highly recommended that I see Priscilla Kerr, a Medical Acupuncturist trained in Chinese Medicine whom she had recently met. I did not realize that my life was about to change.

From the moment of our very first meeting, Priscilla Kerr’s warmth and compassion put me at ease. After she had conducted a very thorough medical examination and review of my history and medical tests, Priscilla Kerr explained exactly what my assessment was, and just how it was impacting my physicality, all the while making sure that I understood what could and could not be done to relieve the pain.

Over a period of six months, Priscilla Kerr has changed my life! From receiving bi-weekly treatments at first, then progressing to weekly treatments later on, the pain has gradually subsided. With Priscilla Kerr’s extraordinary warmth, compassion and expert knowledge in acupuncture, she has now brought me to a point of leading a pain-free life again. The relief of pain is indescribable! I will forever be indebted to Priscilla Kerr!

Thank you Priscilla Kerr!