I sought the acupuncture because I had horrible Low back pain.
I  made physiotherapy for sometime and also took  many kinds of Pain killers to control the pain,  but when I used to have  acute crisis of pain  only the cortisone drug worked for me! I made all exams to know what was wrong in my body and my Orthopedist’s Doctor discovered that I have a Spine’s pinched nerve in two areas. (That was giving me that excruciating low back pain)
The pain was so strong that I went to the Emergency Twice.
The doctors tried to treat me but the conventional drugs didn’t have effect as Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine.
But the problem was that my crises were getting worse and more frequently. So, I heard about Dr. Priscila Kerr from my physiotherapist that made a treatment with her.
And we made the treatment and for two years I don’t have crisis anymore.
I found finally a wonderful treatment for my problem! I don’t feel that Low back pain anymore it is like being on heaven. Besides, the acupuncture reduced with success my premenstrual syndrome headaches that I suffered every month and it balances the emotional part too. I believe that the acupuncture is a fantastic treatment that doesn’t have side effects!  I recommend, for sure!