• Dear Priscilla Kerr;

    I just have to tell you hat you have converted a non-believer.
    Please use the following testimonial in any way you feel it will help others.
    My problem goes back many years; to the time I was 42 years of age. I am now 71.
    I injured my back mixing concrete by hand. I should have known better, especially after leading a sedentary life as a dentist, but I guess I can attribute it to being young and foolish.
    For many years I suffered with severe back pain that radiated down my leg to my kneecap. In the past year my pain went from extreme to excruciating.
    In November 2006 I was seeing a very competent neurosurgeon at the Health Sciences Centre. The MRI indicated I required a Laminectomy involving lumbar 4 & 5 for sure, with suspicion of lumbar 3.
    The surgery was performed in November 2006 with unbelievably positive results, I didn’t even have pain from the incision-it was not for believing.
    However, in about 3 weeks all my symptoms returned.
    It was determined that must be L3 and I was “surgerized”  again in January 2007.
    Post surgically I experience the same leg pain (excruciating)
    I began being treated at the PAIN CLINIC in the Health Sciences Centre. I was taking medication to control pain which was affecting the Quality of life to say nothing of its inability to control the pain.
    That is when a radiologist neighbor suggested seeing you. Long story short, after 3 treatments’ I was relieved of the excruciating leg pain. Thank you.
    It was after the wonderful results with the leg pain I told you about my two others concerns.
    For the last seven years I have experienced Anosmia (Loss of sense of smell), and for a dentist that is definitely not good. This in combination with another age related problem, seemed to be bringing my career to a close.
    You said that you could treat me for both conditions with acupuncture, and again, after approximately 3 treatments, I could see the results. Thanks again, you saved my life.
    You solved the excruciating pain problems, as well as other problems, but I was left with a low-grade pain in the small of my back, which affected my posture so that I looked like Groucho Marx.
    This is when you explained the reason for this, according to the Traditional Chinese hypothesis concerning energy and the Kidney.
    You suggested that the use of MOXA (Which I thought was Witchcraft) but in the light of past successes I thought I would play along.
    I was absolutely astounded and delighted by the results of the moxa- I could stand straight albeit with a little pain. Prior to using the MOXA, I could not stand straight no matter how hard I tried.
    As I write the draft for this testimonial I am appreciative also of the fact that I can write with a steady hand.
    Can you appreciate how I feel?!   Being nurtured in the philosophy of Western Medicine and double blind studies- being skeptical of anecdotal experiences; I now become an exponent of acupuncture, and especially the use of MOXA.

    Thank you again.