I believe that the acupuncture treatment I received under the care of Priscilla Kerr was a key component to the happy ending in my quest to parent. I had a history of miscarriage and was recovering from an adrenalectomy to remove a tumour just months prior to my embryo transfer. I was very concerned about the trauma that my body had endured not only from surgery but also the months and possibly years that the tumour had been growing. I had searched for acupuncture care here in Winnipeg and also in Toronto and found that many acupuncturists would not take me as they were not confident that they either had the expertise to treat my specific needs or they didn’t feel that acupuncture would help. They thought that I was too old or that my health issues would interfere with my chances of carrying a pregnancy to term successfully. Priscilla Kerr had no doubts that she could improve my chances while being cautious not to give me false hope. She encouraged me with stories of successful cases, advised me on lifestyle and dietary changes while remaining professional and realistically optimistic. The philosophy behind Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and infertility that she brought to my life has contributed to a change in my overall outlook at health and wellness. At the age of 45 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 6 lbs. 7 oz. on March 31st, 2015. Priscilla Kerr was one of my first visitors at the hospital. I truly believe that without her, I would not have my beautiful son. I am forever grateful.