I had  DeQuervains tendonitis one  year ago in the right hand  and  after  2 months  affected  also my left hand. I am a physiotherapist and I was feeling strong pains to work.
I had already made other treatments that included sessions of corticosteroid’s Injections and it have not work for me.  Besides I used Fluoxetine medicine, 20mg in the morning and 20mg during the night to treat another problem: Depression.
When I made the acupuncture treatment with Dr. Priscila Kerr and I felt that the method she used to work was unique. In approximately 7 sessions I didnt feel the pains anymore (from DeQuervains tendonitis ) and  got able to work without fear. Then we began to use the needles to get better the depression. But  I  believed  that the acupuncture  would not  work for that   because I  already used Fluoxetine medicine, 20mg  for many time and the Depression didn’t go away.
Surprisingly, Priscilla Kerr treated my profound  feeling of sadness and now it is easier to face daily problems.
I need to confess  that  the needless’ sessions could be a little painful  but I believe that she really treats the cause of the problem and not only the symptoms because I made this treatment in December / 2004 and until these days  I dont have pain in my hands…  When I work hard in my clinic I could feel a little pain but if I rest for a while the pain goes away.
I stopped using the Fluoxetine medicine after 6 months of my acupuncture treatment.
I can affirm with safety that was very important to make this treatment because in the past I worked feeling a lot of pain and now I dont feel it anymore, reminding that the depression is a distressing situation and that now I am completely free!

Definition of De Quervains tenosynovitis :
It is classically associated with localized tenderness, swelling, and pain in the wrist radiating into the forearm and distally into the thumb.

38 years, Physiotherapeutist
Sao Paulo – SP – BRAZIL