After years of trying, Patient got referred by a friend and I helped his wife to get pregnant using acupuncture, 100% naturally and after baby boy was born, I got their visit in my office and minutes later I received this message from him:

” Without your help support and leading us in the right direction we most likely would still be struggling to get pregnant. P.M.A.C. Will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can not thank you enough and to everyone who sees/reads this that is struggling with infertility reach out get in contact with PMAC it will change your life. It changed ours.”

his wife left this testimonial in my clinic Facebook:

” Priscilla Kerr is amazing!!! 9 years of fertility dr’s, countless pills, injections and blood tests all frustratingly unsuccessful… Then one glorious day last September, Priscilla Kerr came into my life and with a couple months of weekly treatments, we were pregnant by December without ANY pills or injections! I highly recommend Priscilla Kerr for this and so many other reasons as I have a number of friends and family members now that see her regularly! We can’t thank you enough Priscilla Kerr!!!”