Hi Priscilla Kerr
I had meant to write a review for you earlier this year and didn’t get to it. Now I’d like to share with others my experience!

I met Priscilla Kerr on July 20, 2016 for acupuncture to help me with infertility. My partner and I had tried IUI 3 times earlier that year and were unsuccessful and devastated. I searched up other treatments and found Priscilla Kerr. She is one of the most patient, caring and considerate practitioners that I have ever met. She helped me to understand that the issues were not just me but what I was eating, stress and other factors. She also encouraged me to look into IVF. By September, I was referred by Priscilla Kerr to Repromed Fertility Clinic in Toronto and we were planning to go in the new year. I did acupuncture with Priscilla Kerr once/week and then more frequently before I left for Toronto. When I was in Toronto in January 2017, I continued with acupuncture treatments before the IVF procedure and afterwards as well and I am super excited and happy to announce that we are now expecting our first child in October. I had some issues with pain and nausea in the earlier months of my pregnancy which Priscilla Kerr’s acupuncture helped to ease. I did not have any morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy and I’ve never felt better!
I honestly do believe that without Priscilla Kerr, our little miracle would not have been possible. Thank you so much Priscilla Kerr for everything you have done and continue to do….you are amazing and I will continue to refer friends and family to you.

AVC, late 30’s, Winnipeg, Patient of Priscilla Kerr