I want to share this beautiful and successful Pregnancy Story when a patient had lost her hope and She was dismissed by the Fertility Clinic for Natural pregnancy or to use her own eggs/ IVF.
After she got pregnant with the help of Acupuncture during the Fall of 2020 with no other procedures or medications, she contacted me during my summer Vacations of 2022 on Business Facebook Messenger saying that she really wanted me to share her Fertility Story including all her blood work results and details. I got her written consent and wrote her story and got her approval before posting here.
Sometimes our bodies can act in Mysterious Ways.
Sometimes the answer is ” I don’t know”, sometimes is ” not Yet ” and that is why I like the Holistic approach to investigate the reasons behind it. But the truth is that when she saw her Fertility Specialists back in the Summer of 2014 her fertility levels were very low, and I will give more details of what happened that time:
I will only call her by her first name even if she gave me permission to use her complete name:
I saw Ashley for the very first time in 2014 when she was only 26 years old, and she was seeing a Fertility Clinic at the same time and waiting to hear from them. After receiving her results, she decided not to pursue her dream of having kids because she got dismissed of any chance of having babies of her own, once they discovered her AMH was extremely low, and her blood work was pre-menopausal. She was not ready to use egg donors after she got diagnosed with Premature Ovarian failure. She decided not to pursue acupuncture after the verdict.
I did not see her for a couple of years until early August of 2020. She stopped using Nuvaring and before using it she was not having menstruations but after 2 years on it after the removal of Nuvaring 2 summers ago she had her period and decided to come back to see me for help in having a baby naturally.
First things first, I wanted to understand what happened in the past and what was her situation 6 years later. So, my Clinic requested her blood work from 2014 and my MD colleague collaborated to order recent hormonal tracking so we could compare.
I learned that in 2014 despite of her FSH being at 88.8 / her LH being at 42.4 / her 17- hydroxyprogesterone being at 3.7 nmol/L and her Anti mullerian Hormone being at 0.38 ng/mol she had a Molecular Diagnostic test /DNA done and they considered her results as NORMAL.
Looking into her 2014 ‘s numbers, she could have a temporary pre ovarian failure, but I was hopeful, especially when she reported having her first menstruation in a long time. My thoughts of reading all that information were that it was a matter of time for her body to balance itself or after being stimulated with acupuncture could return to acceptable levels. She was taking supplements/ Vitamins to help in her Hormonal levels and some TCM Herbs that another practitioner suggested.
I showed her how to track her BBT levels, we started having acupuncture weekly and I received her new blood work results after a few weeks of treatments which showed her FSH, LH, Estradiol, Progesterone levels were completely normal.
Long story short, she decided not to take any medication and only do acupuncture to try a more natural approach, even if her AMH was a very low number, under 0.38, but Research has shown that acupuncture is able to increase AMH levels in women, improve their ovarian reserve and chances of getting pregnant. AMH tests highlight how many eggs you have left but not the genetic health or quality of their eggs. It is the quality of the eggs that is more important for getting pregnant. AMH is also lacking in assessing the uterine environment. It doesn’t take into consideration fibroids, adhesions, scarring or other factors, which might also affect their fertility. I was confident that with proper stimulation we could reverse that number and improve her egg quality. After 3 months of treatment her periods became regular, and she started ovulating properly. During the fall of 2020 she became pregnant. Her Beta HCG level on DEC 1 was 21,813. By 11 weeks she had Harmony prenatal test which showed she was having a baby girl and she was at Low risk for all the chromosome assessments. She had a Ultrasound scan what showed her fetus had a strong heartbeat and that was when I saw Ashley for the very last time. I was very surprised to get her message last month where she wanted to apologize not contacting me sooner. She told me in a message: ” you are the reason why Winnie is here” and that filled my day with joy.
She shared beautiful photos of her baby girl with me, and she wanted my help to share with other couples/ ladies who might had lost their hope in having a child to show that it’s possible to find other options to treat Infertility.
Baby Winnie was born on July 17, 2021, and she was 6lbs 5oz.
Thank you, Ashley, for letting me share your beautiful successful story with the world, Baby Winnie is definitely very blessed to have you and your partner to grow strong and beautiful as you are, inside and out. Thank you for your trust. This is the photo she shared with me and requested to add on my webpage for couples to see it.