Dear Priscilla Kerr,

Four years ago I underwent triple bypass surgery. Part of the post operative treatment called for walking..Unfortunately I had a pain in my hip that was making it more and more difficult to walk. The pain progressed until I was only a able to walk 40 or 50 meters, and that,with difficulty.

As time progressed, I kept trying everything I could think of to lessen the pain. Nothing worked. I tried many different types of medication, including morphine. I went to see several different Doctors at the Pan Am Pain Clinic. They tried steroid injections.That didn’t work. I went to a Physio-Therapist, Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. Again, nothing worked.

A friend of mine told me about you, and how you had many years experience and education in the field of Acupunture.Needless to say, given my experience, I was extremely skeptical. However I was becoming so depressed by my inability to do anything, I thought, oh what the heck, I have nothing to lose.

Ever since I started receiving treatments from you I have been improving. The pain I used to have constantly while standing or sitting is almost completely gone. I now can walk 400 meters pain free and the distance improves each day. Only those who have lived with constant pain can appreciate how wonderful and liberating it is to be pain free.

I ask myself why it is that after trying so many ways of alleviating the pain, and failing,why it was that you have been so successful.

I think the answer lies in the fact that Acupuncture is such a complex technique of healing. Because you have so much training and experience in the field, you succeed, where an Acupuncturist with just a few weeks training and little experience, fails. I am just so thankful to have gotten to know you, and so much impressed with the work you are doing.