For approximately three years I suffered from chronic and intense pain in my right hip, right thigh to lower leg area, and throughout my lower back. Daily routine such as walking was difficult, and the simple task of going up the stairs brought on intense pain the the hip area.

During these three years I received treatments from a chiropractor as well as a massage therapist, with good results but temporary relief from pain.

A friend suggested that I make an appointment with Priscilla Kerr. Priscilla Kerr was the first to diagnose the source of my pain. I am now pain free, enjoying undisturbed sleep, and walking, working, and exercising with ease.

Priscilla Kerr also suggested dietary changes. These changes increased my metabolism, and I lost nine pounds in four weeks, without a struggle. As well, there was a noticeable increase in my energy level. The dietary changes also reduced the inflammation which had recently developed in the thumb joint of both my hands as well as in my left shoulder joint.

I will be forever grateful for dr. kerr’s expertise, and her advice and encouragement.