Dear Priscilla Kerr

I want to let you know that you have helped me greatly with my upper left abdominal sharp shooting pain that I have had for 3 years. I had pain, nausea, depression, no energy and could not sleep. I had seen many diferent Doctors, had every test imaginable, pills, injections and creams with no relief from the pain.

I was referred to you by my specialist because he did not know what to do to help me. I was not sure this would work as I had had acupunture before, but I was willing to try again. Thank goodness I did try again.

I saw you for the first time on October 12/11, you explained to me about Chinese medicine acupunture, how it works and what you would be doing to me. The first 7 appointments you were trying different areas of my body with no real results, then you tried needles in my back and arms and voila, when I left your office that day the pain was virtually gone. The following appointments had the same wonderful results.

I know I have more healing to do, but I am comitted to follow through as long as necessary. I feel like a nes person because I have my life back and can do things now that I have not done for a long time. I have no more nausea, I Sleep at night, have a lot of energy, moddiness is gone. I’m just a much happier person.

I will recommend and have recommended you to people that are having problems. I keep telling them that it is worth a try and have nothing to lose by going for acupunture. I am so happy that I went to see you.

Priscilla Kerr, you are the best and thank you very much for all your expertise, I am so grateful for all your help.

Again, Thank you very much.