Hello Priscilla Kerr I have gone 60 days without a migraine. This is unbelievable as I have suffered 9-15 migraine days a month for over  50 years. The medication was expensive (over $100 for 6 pills- some really bad headaches would take 3 pills)  if I could take it at the start of the headache.  I have used chiropractors for most of those years to relieve my headaches but could not stop them until about a year ago when I started adding acupuncture & osteopathic medicine as regular treatments. Priscilla Kerr specializes in pain control and we had to persist until she could find the area around my neck that was the cause of my problem. I don’t know how long it will last but I’m thankful for everyday that I don’t have to spend in bed and days after with a “foggy” brain!  Thank you for 60 days migraine free Tuši Calvert