I was having pain and numbness in both my hands for almost 3 years. I have seen a couple of doctors and our family physician multiple times and I was told that I had early symptoms of arthritis. I was given some cream for the pain but my condition is not getting any better. I did a bit of a research online and found that the initial assessment didn’t coincide with what I was feeling. I decided to do a different approach and go natural. The first visit with Priscilla Kerr was such a relief, after listening to my concerns she advised me that I have  carpal tunnel syndrome and not arthritis. She didn’t waste time and decided for me to undergo some test to confirm her assessment. She immediately communicated with a family doctor and nerve specialist regarding my condition. In two weeks I got an appointment and confirmed her assessment was correct. I am using braces for both my hands; since it was prescribed by a specialist Manitoba Health covered it that makes it even better. I still have an ongoing session with Priscilla Kerr and I could say that my condition is a lot better now. I no longer feel numbness in both my hands and the pain is not as bad as before. I know I am on the right track and in due time the pain will eventually go away. Having met Priscilla Kerr was one of the best decisions I’ve made I highly recommend her. Thank you Priscilla Kerr.