The principal reason for which I sought the Acupuncture was because I had stress disorder and Clinical depression that did not go away.
My symptoms were:
Sensation of intense cold even in hot days, a desire to sleep during the day , nausea,  dried mouth , Loss of interest and pleasure in activities I used to enjoy, change in weight , irritability, humor’s oscillation, burning sensation on my stomach, thoughts of death , panic syndrome and others….I was feeling really bad.

What has changed after Priscilla Kerr’s acupuncture treatment:

Now I have more energy, an inner peace, my mental outlook is better. I have more courage to face the problems and started to have faith in the life.
I also opened my heart for love :  – the love changed my life and I found somebody special.  We married last year and I am very happy now.
Change in the Physical aspects: The previous symptoms disappeared, I got better of the gastritis, insomnia and I also lost some weight.