I began seeing Priscilla Kerr in April 2014 after being referred by my family doctor who no longer knew how to help me. I had been on sleeping medication for 7+ years, and my husband and I were ready to begin a family, which I could not do on the medication. After 2 months of regular visits with Priscilla Kerr I reduced my medication and soon was completely off while still sleeping. Not only had my sleeping improved drastically but my moods were lighter, I had more energy and I had started to loose some weight as well. Priscilla Kerr then helped me to get pregnant in three months by treating me and helping me to track my ovulation and understand the process. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and have had the most enjoyable pregnancy. I have barely had any symptoms and I truly believe this is because of my continued treatments with Priscilla Kerr. I had a bad back before from previous sports injuries and I have barely had any pain as she focuses on your area’s of need.

I have recommended Priscilla Kerr to multiple friends and family members who have all begun to see her for their own issues and have already begun to see results.

Priscilla Kerr, Jordan and I are truly grateful for your help in our adventure to start a family. I am unsure of how far on this journey we would be without your treatment but we believe because of you I was able to come off of my medication quickly and only months later become pregnant. You have answered countless questions and have helped me to learn and understand the process. Thank you.