I sought the acupuncture treatment because I was getting ready to run the Marathon, and the trainings were very heavy, I had a lesion in the Right Leg, on right thigh’s area. (This lesion was diagnosed through my orthopedic specialist with all exams)  And my trainer advised me to seek an acupuncturist.

In the first consultation that I had with Dr Priscila Kerr, she did a meticulous questionnaire and than she made a complete clinical exam, everything to diagnoses the real problem (in the Traditional Chinese Medicine View). And Priscilla Kerr decided not to treat only the lesion on my thigh, but also other points that was causing that problem.
As a Result, after some sessions, I was able to complete my first marathon, without any consequence. And the most important is that I learn that the acupuncture moves your energy in a general way and I got others results in my emotional life, helping me to have my auto esteem back and being a confident woman.
The main problem was that I was a very anxious person and I kept everything inside of me. I used to be in silence with all angry and frustration inside me and when someone attack me, being rude wit me, I couldn’t react that situation…My normal reaction would be keep this feeling in my “LIVER” (As Priscilla Kerr explained to me) and with the treatment my Liver get 100 % of improvement and I changed my way to live and to react to the same situations.
I wish I could do acupuncture on these days, but my dear doctor has moved to Canada. Then I would like to say for the people that have the opportunity to be beside an excellent professional, please; take advantage of her wonderful work and you will see how it is valuable!!!!!