Our Mission/Photos

Our Mission is to provide high quality care and solution for all types of health issues that acupuncture treats successfully.
Dr Kerr has 11 years of post secondary education as a Medical doctor and Acupuncturist to match perfection on diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Prairie Medical Acupuncture Clinic expanded and we can offer the services of another Acupuncture Dr, ( Dr. Fernanda Beinotti) who is registered under CMAAC and has a background as Physiotherapist with Masters in Neurology and 4 years training in TCM in Brazil. She is specialised in Mental illness , rehabilitation and pain management. Dr Fernanda followed my service for 6 months in 2018 , passed all her exams and she is fully training to take care my patients. She is seeing patients from from 4pm-6:30 pm certain days of the week. 

Dr.Priscilla Kerr is a compassionate professional who spent years to get a special training in Pain Management and Infertility on top of other illness and her goal is to provide a proper guidance designed for each patient to achieve the best results using acupuncture and her knowledge as a Physician.

Who had chance to meet with Dr. Kerr and Dr.Beinotti understands the different level of attention and expertise that will make a major impact in the final results.

Each detail of your medical history will help them to diagnose your condition and to find the best combination of acu-points and the best techniques in TCM.

Their vision is to do it right in the first place and be by your side until you need it.

here are some photos: