Dr. Kerr helped me overcome a serious concussion. I had been struggling with post concussion disorder for about 18 months. It was deeply troubling. The usual western medicine approach was not eliminating the problem, which was affecting every aspects of my life (work/personal/family – cognitive/sleep/emotional/physical, etc).

It was suggested I see Dr. Kerr. She conducted a thorough assessment and used acupuncture to treat my symptoms. After the FIRST treatment I felt relief. The solid constant headache I had had since the concussion occurred 18 months prior DISAPPEARED. It was quite amazing. If I hadn’t experienced this first hand, I would not have believed it. I continued regular treatment with Dr. Kerr and recovered, directly as a result of Dr. Kerr’s treatment approach. I am incredibly grateful for the empathetic, thoughtful, experienced treatment approach of Dr. Kerr.

L.S.- Winnipeg, MB