• Dr. Kerr helped me overcome a serious concussion. I had been struggling with post concussion disorder for about 18 months. It was deeply troubling. The usual western medicine approach was not eliminating the problem, which was affecting every aspects of my life (work/personal/family – cognitive/sleep/emotional/physical, etc). It was suggested I see Dr. Kerr. She conducted a thorough assessment and used acupuncture to treat my symptoms. After the FIRST treatment I felt relief. The solid constant headache I had had since the concussion occurred 18 months prior DISAPPEARED. It was quite amazing. If I hadn’t experienced this first hand, I would not have believed it. I continued regular treatment with Dr. Kerr and recovered, directly as a result of Dr. Kerr’s treatment approach. I am incredibly grateful for the empathetic, thoughtful, experienced treatment approach of Dr. Kerr. L.S.- Winnipeg, MB
    L.S.- Winnipeg, MB
  • I was having pain and numbness in both my hands for almost 3 years. I have seen a couple of doctors and our family physician multiple times and I was told that I had early symptoms of arthritis. I was given some cream for the pain but my condition is not getting any better. I did a bit of a research online and found that the initial diagnosis didn’t coincide with what I was feeling. I decided to do a different approach and go natural. The first visit with Dr. Kerr was such a relief, after listening to my concerns she advised me that I have  carpal tunnel syndrome and not arthritis. She didn’t waste time and decided for me to undergo some test to confirm her diagnosis. She immediately communicated with a family doctor and nerve specialist regarding my condition. In two weeks I got an appointment and confirmed her diagnosis was correct. I am using braces for both my hands; since it was prescribed by a specialist Manitoba Health covered it that makes it even better. I still have an ongoing session with Dr. Kerr and I could say that my condition is a lot better now. I no longer feel numbness in both my hands and the pain is not as bad as before. I know I am on the right track and in due time the pain will eventually go away. Having met Dr. Kerr was one of the best decisions I’ve made I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Kerr.
    Lea Paula Montemayor, Winnipeg
  • After years of trying, Patient got referred by a friend and I helped his wife to get pregnant using acupuncture, 100% naturally and after baby boy was born, I got their visit in my office and minutes later I received this message from him: " Without your help support and leading us in the right direction we most likely would still be struggling to get pregnant. P.M.A.C. Will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can not thank you enough and to everyone who sees/reads this that is struggling with infertility reach out get in contact with PMAC it will change your life. It changed ours." his wife left this testimonial in my clinic Facebook: " Dr. Kerr is amazing!!! 9 years of fertility dr's, countless pills, injections and blood tests all frustratingly unsuccessful... Then one glorious day last September, Dr. Kerr came into my life and with a couple months of weekly treatments, we were pregnant by December without ANY pills or injections! I highly recommend Dr. Kerr for this and so many other reasons as I have a number of friends and family members now that see her regularly! We can't thank you enough Dr. Kerr!!!"
    Ryan Stewart, Winnipeg
  • Hi Dr Kerr I had meant to write a review for you earlier this year and didn't get to it. Now I'd like to share with others my experience! I met Dr Priscilla Kerr on July 20, 2016 for acupuncture to help me with infertility. My partner and I had tried IUI 3 times earlier that year and were unsuccessful and devastated. I searched up other treatments and found Dr Kerr. She is one of the most patient, caring and considerate practitioners that I have ever met. She helped me to understand that the issues were not just me but what I was eating, stress and other factors. She also encouraged me to look into IVF. By September, I was referred by Dr Kerr to Repromed Fertility Clinic in Toronto and we were planning to go in the new year. I did acupuncture with Dr Kerr once/week and then more frequently before I left for Toronto. When I was in Toronto in January 2017, I continued with acupuncture treatments before the IVF procedure and afterwards as well and I am super excited and happy to announce that we are now expecting our first child in October. I had some issues with pain and nausea in the earlier months of my pregnancy which Dr Kerr's acupuncture helped to ease. I did not have any morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy and I've never felt better! I honestly do believe that without Dr Kerr, our little miracle would not have been possible. Thank you so much Dr Kerr for everything you have done and continue to do....you are amazing and I will continue to refer friends and family to you. AVC, late 30's, Winnipeg, Patient of Dr Kerr
    ATC-late 30's patient -Infertility
  • I am a 35 year veteran in the Winnipeg Fire Dept. and as you all well know it can be emotionally and physically stressful. I was referred to Dr. Kerr through a mutual friend who had told me Dr. Kerr had done wonders for her. My problem was incurred during a fire about 20 years ago in which i fell into the basement and became trapped. My fellow firefighters attempted to extract me from the basement but in doing so I incurred damage to my shoulder and neck. Being young at the time I thought the pain would just go away and it did. But unfortunately I had an auto accident about 6 years which injured it again including my neck. I began getting tingling in my hand, and my fingers were always cold. Within 6 weeks of treatment Dr. Kerr had resolved the issue and I was on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, as luck would have it I incurred a stiffness and burning in my neck area that became progressively worse due to another work related injury. Dr. Kerr is presently taking care of that and it has gone from a painful 10 to about a 4. I am confident Dr. Kerr will rectify the situation.Once she has done so I THINK IT WILL BE TIME FOR RETIREMENT!! Thank you again Dr.Kerr for your professionalism and care Sincerely, Barry Carpenter
    Barry Carpenter, Fire Dept officer
  • I believe that the acupuncture treatment I received under the care of Dr. Priscilla Kerr was a key component to the happy ending in my quest to parent. I had a history of miscarriage and was recovering from an adrenalectomy to remove a tumour just months prior to my embryo transfer. I was very concerned about the trauma that my body had endured not only from surgery but also the months and possibly years that the tumour had been growing. I had searched for acupuncture care here in Winnipeg and also in Toronto and found that many acupuncturists would not take me as they were not confident that they either had the expertise to treat my specific needs or they didn’t feel that acupuncture would help. They thought that I was too old or that my health issues would interfere with my chances of carrying a pregnancy to term successfully. Dr. Kerr had no doubts that she could improve my chances while being cautious not to give me false hope. She encouraged me with stories of successful cases, advised me on lifestyle and dietary changes while remaining professional and realistically optimistic. The philosophy behind Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and infertility that she brought to my life has contributed to a change in my overall outlook at health and wellness. At the age of 45 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 6 lbs. 7 oz. on March 31st, 2015. Dr. Kerr was one of my first visitors at the hospital. I truly believe that without her, I would not have my beautiful son. I am forever grateful.
    Elaine Winnipeg/Toronto
  • Hello Dr. Kerr, I am e-mailing today because I’ve been wanting to thank you & also update you in my search for relief of jaw pain. This thank you is late in coming, but it is very heartfelt and sincere. I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your help and the concern you had for me to feel better. Your treatments & expertise in acupuncture helped reduce my pain a lot, plus you also went “above & beyond” to refer me to other people who may be able to help. Since I saw you last I’ve had an appointment with Dr.Holt about a month ago, he was very nice and gave me a few ideas/options. The 2nd appointment was Minuk’s Denture Clinic, where I discussed missing bottom teeth with (denturist) Gregory Pinette. The denturist suggested I might want to see a TMD/TMJ specialist (whom his wife was seeing) she’d had good success in resolving her jaw pain. Currently, I’ve had an appointment with TMJ/TMD specialist Dr. Steve Lawson who has been in this field of work for over 30 years. My treatments with Dr. Lawson will last quite awhile, so am looking forward to resolve any reoccurring jaw pain with the work he’ll be doing. I will wear a specialized mouth guard during the day and one at night when I’m asleep. Eventually the day time guard will not be necessary possibly after a few months but the night guard I’ll likely always wear due to what Dr.Lawson thinks might be sleep apnea. I would not hesitate to see you Dr.Kerr for concerns/heath issues in the future, because your expertise and ethical nature speak to me, of a rare quality in todays’ world. Sincerely,
    Grace Irwin, Winnipeg
  • "From 2010-2013 my wife and I was trying to have a baby for 3 years and in Sept 2013 I was informed I was infertile. I didn't know what to do and then finally I vividly remember emailing Dr. Kerr Christmas Day 2013 asking if she was taking in patients and she surprisingly responded 4 hours later, on Christmas Day!! I saw her right away and she had put me on a strict diet. It was tough but I was willing to follow her instructions and did so for a full year. I had done swim up tests throughout that year and my fertility progressively improved. In Sept 2014 my wife and I decided to do IVF with my improved fertility and on Jan 2015 we had done the procedure with great success. We were going to have a baby boy due Nov 2, 2015 but just 2 weeks ago our baby came 4 weeks early. We are so happy and give Dr. Kerr a lot of credit to our success. Our goal now is to have a second child naturally and I will be seeing Dr. Kerr a lot more and confident this will happen."
  • I began seeing Dr Kerr in April 2014 after being referred by my family doctor who no longer knew how to help me. I had been on sleeping medication for 7+ years, and my husband and I were ready to begin a family, which I could not do on the medication. After 2 months of regular visits with Dr Kerr I reduced my medication and soon was completely off while still sleeping. Not only had my sleeping improved drastically but my moods were lighter, I had more energy and I had started to loose some weight as well. Dr Kerr then helped me to get pregnant in three months by treating me and helping me to track my ovulation and understand the process. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and have had the most enjoyable pregnancy. I have barely had any symptoms and I truly believe this is because of my continued treatments with Dr Kerr. I had a bad back before from previous sports injuries and I have barely had any pain as she focuses on your area’s of need. I have recommended Dr Kerr to multiple friends and family members who have all begun to see her for their own issues and have already begun to see results. Dr Kerr, Jordan and I are truly grateful for your help in our adventure to start a family. I am unsure of how far on this journey we would be without your treatment but we believe because of you I was able to come off of my medication quickly and only months later become pregnant. You have answered countless questions and have helped me to learn and understand the process. Thank you.
    STACI W. , Business industry
  • For approximately three years I suffered from chronic and intense pain in my right hip, right thigh to lower leg area, and throughout my lower back. Daily routine such as walking was difficult, and the simple task of going up the stairs brought on intense pain the the hip area. During these three years I received treatments from a chiropractor as well as a massage therapist, with good results but temporary relief from pain. A friend suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Priscilla Kerr. Dr. Kerr was the first to diagnose the source of my pain. I am now pain free, enjoying undisturbed sleep, and walking, working, and exercising with ease. Dr. Kerr also suggested dietary changes. These changes increased my metabolism, and I lost nine pounds in four weeks, without a struggle. As well, there was a noticeable increase in my energy level. The dietary changes also reduced the inflammation which had recently developed in the thumb joint of both my hands as well as in my left shoulder joint. I will be forever grateful for dr. kerr's expertise, and her advice and encouragement.
    M. Fontaine , Retired manager 67 Years Old
  • Dear Dr Kerr, Thank you so much for your help and kindness. When I started seeing you a year ago, I was not entirely sure if acupuncture could help me or not. I was a 29 years old women who was trying to conceive, but I just was not ovulating. You took the time to listen to me, and your advice was greatly appreciated. Within only a few treatments, I ovulated and got pregnant right away, after months and months of trying. I could not believe it! You were also absolutely wonderful during the first months of this pregnancy, still treating me to avoid morning sickness and miscarriage. You were always available for questions and concerns, which has also been greatly appreciated. I now have an adorable and healthy little baby boy, and I will forever be grateful to you for him. Thank you so much again.
    Marie, 30 years old
  • I began seeing Dr. Kerr for infertility issue from March 2014. Before seeking treatment from Dr Kerr, I was referred to a fertility clinic because of endometriosis and fibroid. These issues might cause infertility. The fertility specialist suggested us to do an IVF treatment after he performed a surgery to remove the fibroid. Another reason the specialist suggested the IVF treatment was because I was an old woman (over 40 years old). Time really matters. We tried 2 cycles of IVF treatments, but we were unsuccessful. Therefore, we decided to try the Chinese tradition medicine—Acupuncture and hoped it would help. In fact, the miracle happened after seeing Dr Kerr. I conceived naturally after a few treatments by Dr. Kerr. I was so happy because Dr. Kerr helped my dream coming true. In addition, besides the routine treatments, Dr. Kerr has given me lots of valuable information and guide me about what I should pay attention to in order to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and avoid an early miscarriage. Now I am 5 months of pregnancy. A recent ultrasound showed that everything was on the right track. We really appreciate the effective and amazing treatment by Dr. Kerr.
    Anonymous, Over 40 Years Winnipeg
  • Pain is described as acute emotional and physical distress. I had never quite understood the actual toll that severe pain could have on an individual until I personally experienced the day to day effect of pain and the related emotional and physical distress it brought. Approximately four years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, after experiencing pain from my lower back radiating down my right leg which caused considerable discomfort. At that time the pain was manageable and for the most part did not prevent me from carrying on my daily activities. However, as time passed, the intensity as well as duration of the pain gradually increased to the point that activities in my life had become totally compromised. My quality of life had dropped to the point where I was unable to walk for more than a minute without experiencing pain which would bring me to tears. My level of physical activity had decreased to a bare minimum and my emotions had now gotten the better of me. Over these past four years, my very astute family physician referred me to every possible doctor who might be able to assist in finding a solution to alleviating the extreme pain. After I had received numerous consultations with medical professionals and still experienced no relief from the pain, my daughter-in-law, a physiotherapist and pain management expert herself in the field of women's health, suggested and highly recommended that I see Dr. Priscilla Kerr, a Medical Acupuncturist trained in Chinese Medicine whom she had recently met. I did not realize that my life was about to change. From the moment of our very first meeting, Dr. Kerr's warmth and compassion put me at ease. After she had conducted a very thorough medical examination and review of my history and medical tests, Dr. Kerr explained exactly what my diagnosis was, and just how it was impacting my physicality, all the while making sure that I understood what could and could not be done to relieve the pain. Over a period of six months, Dr. Kerr has changed my life! From receiving bi-weekly treatments at first, then progressing to weekly treatments later on, the pain has gradually subsided. With Dr. Kerr's extraordinary warmth, compassion and expert knowledge in acupuncture, she has now brought me to a point of leading a pain-free life again. The relief of pain is indescribable! I will forever be indebted to Dr. Kerr! Thank you Dr. Kerr!
    Beverly Berzuk
  • My problems were: Hypothyroidism, Depression and Tendinitis. I sought the acupuncture for not having reached results with allopathic treatment. (Conventional treatment with the western medicine) What has changed after the Acupuncture‘s treatment wit Dr. Kerr: Total Pain’s relieve in the hand and right arm. (Tendinitis) Normalization of the thyroids hormones’ Ranges: (The treatment controls the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and the blood level of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) The acupuncture recovered my emotional balance and lucidity. I feel much improved. I have much more humor and my thoughts are much more optimistic. I don’t have depression anymore. And beyond all this my doctor became a big and beloved friend! I need to say that I was witnesses of your capacity of exercising the Medicine with competence and unanswerable shine...   
    Margareth Rose Barreto , 43 years , Pedodentist/Adolescence São Paulo - SP - Brazil
  • I sought the acupuncture treatment because I was getting ready to run the Marathon, and the trainings were very heavy, I had a lesion in the Right Leg, on right thigh’s area. (This lesion was diagnosed through my orthopedic specialist with all exams)  And my trainer advised me to seek an acupuncturist. In the first consultation that I had with Dr Priscila Kerr, she did a meticulous questionnaire and than she made a complete clinical exam, everything to diagnoses the real problem (in the Traditional Chinese Medicine View). And Dr. Kerr decided not to treat only the lesion on my thigh, but also other points that was causing that problem. As a Result, after some sessions, I was able to complete my first marathon, without any consequence. And the most important is that I learn that the acupuncture moves your energy in a general way and I got others results in my emotional life, helping me to have my auto esteem back and being a confident woman. The main problem was that I was a very anxious person and I kept everything inside of me. I used to be in silence with all angry and frustration inside me and when someone attack me, being rude wit me, I couldn’t react that situation…My normal reaction would be keep this feeling in my “LIVER” (As Dr. Kerr explained to me) and with the treatment my Liver get 100 % of improvement and I changed my way to live and to react to the same situations. I wish I could do acupuncture on these days, but my dear doctor has moved to Canada. Then I would like to say for the people that have the opportunity to be beside an excellent professional, please; take advantage of her wonderful work and you will see how it is valuable!!!!!  
    Viviane Gava , 30 years, Odontologist Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil
  • The principal reason for which I sought the Acupuncture was because I had stress disorder and Clinical depression that did not go away. My symptoms were: Sensation of intense cold even in hot days, a desire to sleep during the day , nausea,  dried mouth , Loss of interest and pleasure in activities I used to enjoy, change in weight , irritability, humor’s oscillation, burning sensation on my stomach, thoughts of death , panic syndrome and others....I was feeling really bad. What has changed after Dr. Kerr’s acupuncture treatment: Now I have more energy, an inner peace, my mental outlook is better. I have more courage to face the problems and started to have faith in the life. I also opened my heart for love :  - the love changed my life and I found somebody special.  We married last year and I am very happy now. Change in the Physical aspects: The previous symptoms disappeared, I got better of the gastritis, insomnia and I also lost some weight.  
    Regina Vera Dias , 43 years , Psychologist. São Paulo - SP - Brazil
  • The reason for having sought  the acupuncture treatment was because I hadPremenstrual Syndrome and a beginning of Depression.  My PMS often included both physical and emotional symptoms and every month I used to have: Upset stomach, constipation, headache, backache, food cravings, trouble concentrating tension, irritability, mood swings, Anxiety , Acne , Breast swelling  and fatigue . How my treatment was: Firstly, Dr. Kerr made the diagnosis after one hour of Medical consultation in a Chinese’s Medicine View. Than I began to do acupuncture’s sessions twice a week.  As soon as I stabilized my problem, she asked me to come once a week. After 2 sessions I could feel much better. I had no idea how fast the acupuncture can works in Premenstrual Syndrome and Depression’s problem. So I got more energy to work and to be with my family and I got the felling of happiness back in my life. I stop having those bad thoughts that affected my self-esteem . And my menstrual cycle was regulated !!! (I used to have long cycles- around 10 days ). I recommend!!!!!  
    Jussara Monteiro, 34 years, Marketing Specialist Sao Paulo - SP - BRAZIL
  • I had  DeQuervains tendonitis one  year ago in the right hand  and  after  2 months  affected  also my left hand. I am a physiotherapist and I was feeling strong pains to work. I had already made other treatments that included sessions of corticosteroid’s Injections and it have not work for me.  Besides I used Fluoxetine medicine, 20mg in the morning and 20mg during the night to treat another problem: Depression. When I made the acupuncture treatment with Dr. Priscila Kerr and I felt that the method she used to work was unique. In approximately 7 sessions I didnt feel the pains anymore (from DeQuervains tendonitis ) and  got able to work without fear. Then we began to use the needles to get better the depression. But  I  believed  that the acupuncture  would not  work for that   because I  already used Fluoxetine medicine, 20mg  for many time and the Depression didn’t go away. Surprisingly, Dr. Kerr treated my profound  feeling of sadness and now it is easier to face daily problems. I need to confess  that  the needless’ sessions could be a little painful  but I believe that she really treats the cause of the problem and not only the symptoms because I made this treatment in December / 2004 and until these days  I dont have pain in my hands...  When I work hard in my clinic I could feel a little pain but if I rest for a while the pain goes away. I stopped using the Fluoxetine medicine after 6 months of my acupuncture treatment. I can affirm with safety that was very important to make this treatment because in the past I worked feeling a lot of pain and now I dont feel it anymore, reminding that the depression is a distressing situation and that now I am completely free! Definition of De Quervains tenosynovitis : It is classically associated with localized tenderness, swelling, and pain in the wrist radiating into the forearm and distally into the thumb.  
    Estela Adriana Farah Zan , 38 years, Physiotherapeutist Sao Paulo - SP - BRAZIL
    • Dear Dr. Kerr; I just have to tell you hat you have converted a non-believer. Please use the following testimonial in any way you feel it will help others. My problem goes back many years; to the time I was 42 years of age. I am now 71. I injured my back mixing concrete by hand. I should have known better, especially after leading a sedentary life as a dentist, but I guess I can attribute it to being young and foolish. For many years I suffered with severe back pain that radiated down my leg to my kneecap. In the past year my pain went from extreme to excruciating. In November 2006 I was seeing a very competent neurosurgeon at the Health Sciences Centre. The MRI indicated I required a Laminectomy involving lumbar 4 & 5 for sure, with suspicion of lumbar 3. The surgery was performed in November 2006 with unbelievably positive results, I didn’t even have pain from the incision-it was not for believing. However, in about 3 weeks all my symptoms returned. It was determined that must be L3 and I was "surgerized"  again in January 2007. Post surgically I experience the same leg pain (excruciating) I began being treated at the PAIN CLINIC in the Health Sciences Centre. I was taking medication to control pain which was affecting the Quality of life to say nothing of its inability to control the pain. That is when a radiologist neighbor suggested seeing you. Long story short, after 3 treatments’ I was relieved of the excruciating leg pain. Thank you. It was after the wonderful results with the leg pain I told you about my two others concerns. For the last seven years I have experienced Anosmia (Loss of sense of smell), and for a dentist that is definitely not good. This in combination with another age related problem, seemed to be bringing my career to a close. You said that you could treat me for both conditions with acupuncture, and again, after approximately 3 treatments, I could see the results. Thanks again, you saved my life. You solved the excruciating pain problems, as well as other problems, but I was left with a low-grade pain in the small of my back, which affected my posture so that I looked like Groucho Marx. This is when you explained the reason for this, according to the Traditional Chinese hypothesis concerning energy and the Kidney. You suggested that the use of MOXA (Which I thought was Witchcraft) but in the light of past successes I thought I would play along. I was absolutely astounded and delighted by the results of the moxa- I could stand straight albeit with a little pain. Prior to using the MOXA, I could not stand straight no matter how hard I tried. As I write the draft for this testimonial I am appreciative also of the fact that I can write with a steady hand. Can you appreciate how I feel?!   Being nurtured in the philosophy of Western Medicine and double blind studies- being skeptical of anecdotal experiences; I now become an exponent of acupuncture, and especially the use of MOXA. Thank you again.
    Dr. Sidney Fleisher, 71 years, Dentist Winnipeg - MB - CANADA
  • On 10 April/ 2009  was exactly one year that I met you. I remember coming into your office in so very much pain. I really was a mess. We talked for a while and you told me you could not cure my problems, but that you could help me live a better life.
    That was music to my ears!!!
    And you have done just that!  I feel better than I have in over 20 years! Not every day is perfect, but perfect to me in comparison to how I was.. How can I ever thank you?
    We are lucky to have you here in Winnipeg! I love you, Priscila, not only for how you have helped me, but for the beautiful woman you are in every way!
    Brenda Booke, Winnipeg - MB - Canada
    • Dear Dr. Kerr, I don’t even know where or how to begin to tell you how much you have improved my life and given me hope when I thought all was lost.  Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial and hopefully it will encourage others to see you to begin the process of inner healing. In November of 2008 I came to you with many problems.  The most serious conditions in my mind were the dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, fainting, migraines, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations which led directly to anxiety/panic attacks.  This was such a mixed bag of problems and I did not have one diagnosis for why this was all happening.  This has been going on for over 6-7 years.  I had every test imaginable and no one could find anything wrong.  I honestly felt there was no hope for a better life – I felt I was doomed to pain and suffering (and in the back of my mind I thought I was going crazy).  Because of the dizziness and fainting I sold my car – I didn’t want to drive and hurt anyone if I suddenly passed out.  A piece of my independence and freedom was gone.  I am 60 years old and felt defeated and resigned to a quality of life that held no promise. You changed all that.  Since my time with you I’ve had no episodes of dizziness and only occasional heart palpitations (anxiety?), which you continue to deal with.  Little parts of me are healing.  I have taken my life back and look forward to the new “rest of my life”.  I know that there is more healing to do but I am excited about that.   You have shown me how to live my “new life” and encouraged me to participate in my “new journey” with hope and enjoyment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely and with much appreciation, Krys Kruczek
    Krystyna Kruczek, 60 years, Medical Office assistant Winnipeg - MB - Canada
  • Dear Dr. Kerr I want to let you know that you have helped me greatly with my upper left abdominal sharp shooting pain that I have had for 3 years. I had pain, nausea, depression, no energy and could not sleep. I had seen many diferent Doctors, had every test imaginable, pills, injections and creams with no relief from the pain. I was referred to you by my specialist because he did not know what to do to help me. I was not sure this would work as I had had acupunture before, but I was willing to try again. Thank goodness I did try again. I saw you for the first time on October 12/11, you explained to me about Chinese medicine acupunture, how it works and what you would be doing to me. The first 7 appointments you were trying different areas of my body with no real results, then you tried needles in my back and arms and voila, when I left your office that day the pain was virtually gone. The following appointments had the same wonderful results. I know I have more healing to do, but I am comitted to follow through as long as necessary. I feel like a nes person because I have my life back and can do things now that I have not done for a long time. I have no more nausea, I Sleep at night, have a lot of energy, moddiness is gone. I'm just a much happier person. I will recommend and have recommended you to people that are having problems. I keep telling them that it is worth a try and have nothing to lose by going for acupunture. I am so happy that I went to see you. Dr. Kerr, you are the best and thank you very much for all your expertise, I am so grateful for all your help. Again, Thank you very much.
    Marge Harder, Dental Office, Business Manager
  • I'm 82 years old and in January/ 2012 I suffered a severe pain in my back and my doctors said I had a classical Sciatica pain. I tried medication and others treatment but nothing was working. I was referred to Dr. Kerr by my physician who had patients with good results with her before and he was right, after 11 treatments with acupuncture I was pain free and very surprised. I came for follow up with her, 6 months later ( July-2012) and I still don't have the pain. I recommend Dr. Kerr because she is a very skilled in acupuncture and she helped me. Thanks Dr. Kerr,
    Donald Mccaskill, 82 years old
  • Dear Dr. Kerr, Four years ago I underwent triple bypass surgery. Part of the post operative treatment called for walking..Unfortunately I had a pain in my hip that was making it more and more difficult to walk. The pain progressed until I was only a able to walk 40 or 50 meters, and that,with difficulty. As time progressed, I kept trying everything I could think of to lessen the pain. Nothing worked. I tried many different types of medication, including morphine. I went to see several different Doctors at the Pan Am Pain Clinic. They tried steroid injections.That didn't work. I went to a Physio-Therapist, Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. Again, nothing worked. A friend of mine told me about you, and how you had many years experience and education in the field of Acupunture.Needless to say, given my experience, I was extremely skeptical. However I was becoming so depressed by my inability to do anything, I thought, oh what the heck, I have nothing to lose. Ever since I started receiving treatments from you I have been improving. The pain I used to have constantly while standing or sitting is almost completely gone. I now can walk 400 meters pain free and the distance improves each day. Only those who have lived with constant pain can appreciate how wonderful and liberating it is to be pain free. I ask myself why it is that after trying so many ways of alleviating the pain, and failing,why it was that you have been so successful. I think the answer lies in the fact that Acupuncture is such a complex technique of healing. Because you have so much training and experience in the field, you succeed, where an Acupuncturist with just a few weeks training and little experience, fails. I am just so thankful to have gotten to know you, and so much impressed with the work you are doing.
    Larry Kristjanson, P.H.D
  • I was a very anxious person, my mind never stops and I couldn’t get to relax. When I met  Dr. Priscilla Kerr, (we worked at the same clinic in 2005), I decided to begin the acupuncture treatment to take care of my anxiety and  a Low back pain that limited my movements when I practiced physical activity. With  few sessions of Acupuncture that I had the opportunity to do, I recovered the balance that I had lost for so long and I had the clear sensation that my anxiety go away. My Back pain never came back too. With this treatment I could notice how this problem affected all the fields of my life. To seek the constant balance turned a daily battle that the acupuncture helped me to reach.  
    Flavio Petri, 29, Physiotherapeutist. São Paulo - SP - Brazil
  • I sought the acupuncture because I had horrible Low back pain. I  made physiotherapy for sometime and also took  many kinds of Pain killers to control the pain,  but when I used to have  acute crisis of pain  only the cortisone drug worked for me! I made all exams to know what was wrong in my body and my Orthopedist’s Doctor discovered that I have a Spine’s pinched nerve in two areas. (That was giving me that excruciating low back pain) The pain was so strong that I went to the Emergency Twice. The doctors tried to treat me but the conventional drugs didn’t have effect as Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. But the problem was that my crises were getting worse and more frequently. So, I heard about Dr. Priscila Kerr from my physiotherapist that made a treatment with her. And we made the treatment and for two years I don’t have crisis anymore. I found finally a wonderful treatment for my problem! I don’t feel that Low back pain anymore it is like being on heaven. Besides, the acupuncture reduced with success my premenstrual syndrome headaches that I suffered every month and it balances the emotional part too. I believe that the acupuncture is a fantastic treatment that doesn’t have side effects!  I recommend, for sure!  
    Celina Angela Santana Neco , 48 years, Federal Tax Inspector Sao Paulo - SP - BRAZIL