Acupuncture treatments

Your First Visit and sessions:

Before coming for your first visit you need to give us a call from 8:30 am-4:30 pm, at 204-788-5715 from Monday to Friday to schedule an appointment.

This is not a walking Clinic, appointments need to be scheduled.

Dr Kerr’s office assistant will get your personal information to add your name to the Manitoba Clinic electronic system, in this way we have full access to your chart and Dr Kerr can communicate with your physician. If you are planning to treat any condition other than Infertility  with Dr. Fernanda Beinotti, my office assistant will schedule your consultation with her and all the treatments needed.

But if you plan to treat Infertility with Dr Beinotti  you need to have a consultation with DR P.Kerr  first and also one treatment every 5 weeks with her for updating purposes and Dr Kerr will be planning your next month of treatment with Dr. Beinotti once Dr Kerr  is the only Fertility Specialist at Prairie Medical Acupuncture Clinic and she wants to keep track of each patient regularly and follow all their blood works, diagnostic image, etc. Dr Beinotti will not have access to these details.

Prairie Medical Acupuncture Clinic will request a initial deposit to hold your spot. The reason behind that is because consultation + treatment will block Dr. Kerr’s  / Dr. Beinotti agendas up to one hour and if the patient does not show up they  lose 4 patients spots. Otherwise prices would go up in order to cover these losses . That is why we set up rules to keep it affordable and in case the patient can’t come for his/her consultation we must receive a call 24 hours before the appointment and the deposit will return to that patient. In case the patient does not show up for the consultation or do not cancel with a 24 hours notice than we will keep his/ her deposit.

This is a Clinic Policy and can’t be changed.

We don’t do ANY direct Billing but keep your receipt and you can claim later to your Insurance Company. Dr Kerr and Dr. Beinotti  have CMAAC credentials and insurances will cover their treatments. Just make sure your policy covers acupuncture treatments.

Prairie Medical Acupuncture Clinic Fidelity program:  Dr.KERR generous hearts and every time the patient completes 10 session with her the 11 and 12 session are free of charge. Non expiration date. 

What to expect in the first visit:  the Consultation is 30 minutes long as well as each session.The sessions might be scheduled after the first assessment on the patient.

Dr Kerr is a punctual professional. She respect your time and she wants the same kind of respect.
We require patients to check in for their appointments 10 minutes earlier. Take note that parking and elevators can be slow and if you don’t take extra minutes you will not be on time for your appointment. Manitoba Clinic has more or less 80 Physicians and health professionals and this building is always busy.

Dr Kerr sees her patients in two rooms at the same time and that is why is so important to have enough minutes to talk and do the treatment equally. Dr Kerr will NOT see the patient if he/she is late and a no show fee will be charged. Cancellation policy also requires a 24 hours notice, otherwise a no show fee will be charged. In case of cancellation during the weekends or holidays , just send an email to : [email protected] and your cancellation will be documented.

Dr.Kerr is on Social media, updates and promotions you will find at: just look for the icon on main page, twitter account is also there.

What to dress? –On your acupuncture sessions Dr Kerr will need to get your knees, belly and arms exposed, please avoid Skinny jeans ,please come with a comfortable clothing.

Acupuncture stimulates the Qi (pronounced “chee”) flow throughout the channels of energy using needling insertion of thin stainless steel needles into specific sites on the body. Dr Kerr has medical background and the office is always clean and she uses disposable bedding sheets and her needles are single use only, disposable and sterile needles. Needles are disposed of in a bio-hazard waste container for removal by a regulated bio-hazard waste service every week.

“Does it hurt?” Many people assume that acupuncture will be uncomfortable. Acupuncture needles are fine and thin, some being 25-50 times thinner than hypodermic needles. Patients might feel the needles insertion but once it is there it is pain free.

The number of treatments varies depending on patient condition and individual constitution. Chronic problems generally require more treatment than acute problems. Maintenance treatments are advised to keep your Qi levels in balance. Each case will be analysed By Dr Kerr and the numbers of sessions will be discussed.

Dr Kerr keeps closer follow up with her patients and she often communicate with them using email. She always take time to answer their questions, even during weekends if is needed.

NOTE: Every time a patient comes for the treatment we will give her/his a receipt, in case the patient loses his/her receipt and need a copy of it we require 24 hours NOTICE to search for that receipt. Acupuncture can’t be claimed on your INCOME TAXES yet. If you need a short Doctor’s notes from DR.KERR there is a 25 dollars fee paid in advance.
IF you need a report or description of treatment/feedback done with DR Kerr the fee is 50 dollars, paid in advance.

Acupuncture is a very safe treatment if is performed by a licensed Acupuncturist (CMAAC) with minimal side effects. Try it!