Acupuncture treatments and what to expect :

Your First Visit and sessions:

Before coming for your first visit you need to give us a call from 8:00 am-4:30 pm, at 204-788-5715 from Monday to Friday to schedule an appointment.

This is not a walking Clinic, appointments need to be scheduled.

Priscilla Kerr’s office assistant will get your personal information to add your name to the Manitoba Clinic electronic system, in this way we have full access to your chart and Priscilla Kerr can communicate with your physician if is needed. Priscilla Kerr has a good relationship with her MD colleagues and when you come to your consultation her assistant might request your signature so we can get all the information we need to access in your lab work, reports or image assessment if is needed. As a  Fertility TCM certified she communicates with Heartland or any Fertility Clinics in Canada or abroad to combine their treatments in the best way to achieve the goals of their patients, Eastern and Western Medicine in a perfect match. 

Prairie Acupuncture Clinic will request an initial deposit to hold your spot. The reason behind that is because consultation + treatment will block Priscilla Kerr’s  agenda up to one hour and if the patient does not show up she will  lose 4 patients treatments spots. Otherwise prices would go up in order to cover these losses . That is why we set up rules to keep it affordable and in case the patient can’t come for his/her consultation we must receive a call 24 hours before the appointment and the deposit will return to that patient. In case the patient does not show up for the consultation or do not cancel with a 24 hours notice than we will keep his/ her deposit. 

Patients who did not show up for 2 consective visits and did not arrange to pay their NO SHOW fees will have their treatments discontinued by Priscilla Kerr 

This is a Clinic Policy and can’t be changed.

We don’t do ANY direct Billing but keep your receipt and you can claim later to your Insurance Company. Priscilla Kerr has Acupuncture’s National license registered with CMAAC, the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada and a Provincial License with  TCMAAM , Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Manitoba and most of the Health insurances will cover her treatments. Just make sure your policy covers acupuncture treatments under a licensed acupuncturist.

Prairie Acupuncture Clinic Fidelity program:  Priscilla has a generous heart and every time the patient completes 10 sessios with her the 11 and 12 session are free of charge. Non expiration date. 

What to expect in the first visit:  the Consultation is 30 minutes long as well as each session.The sessions might be scheduled after the first assessment on the patient.

Priscilla Kerr is a punctual professional. She respect your time and she wants the same kind of respect.
We require patients to check in for their appointments 10 minutes earlier. Take note that parking and elevators can be slow and if you don’t take extra minutes you will not be on time for your appointment. Manitoba Clinic has more or less 75 Physicians and others health professionals and the building is always busy. Also During Pandemic, we had Screening lines before patients were allowed to come into the building but since late Spring 2022 they are only requiring the Mandatory use of Masks. Make sure you give yourself enough time for all that.

Priscilla Kerr sees her patients in two rooms at the same time and that is why is so important to have enough minutes to talk and do the treatment equally. Priscilla Kerr will NOT see the patient if he/she is late and a no show fee will be charged. Cancellation policy also requires a 24 hours notice, otherwise a no show fee will be charged. In case of cancellation during the weekends or holidays , just send an email to : [email protected] and your cancellation will be documented.

Priscilla Kerr is on Social media, updates and promotions you will find at: just look for the icon on main page, twitter account is also there.

What to dress? –On your acupuncture sessions Priscilla Kerr will need to get your knees, belly and arms exposed, please avoid Skinny jeans ,please come with a comfortable clothing.

Know a bit about Priscilla Kerr:

Priscilla Kerr is not a licensed physician in Canada. (Priscilla Kerr decided to not re-validate her MD diploma in Canada once her passion is acupuncture and Her main residency program was Traditional Chinese Medicine, which in Brazil is still part of the Medical System and it  is regulated as a Medical speciality).
 On March 5 /2017 she was appointed to be Board member Director of TCMAAM and May 2020 she was elected  CMAAC board member director for all CANADA. 
The Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada is responsable for Regulation of all the TCM Doctors and Acupuncturist in 5 provinces in Canada as Health Care Professionals.   The only association that represents CMAAC in Manitoba is the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Manitoba and she is the spokesperson for both of them. website:

 The CMAAC , is the only international acupuncture
organization recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

P.Kerr has been a collaborator with the Acupuncture’s Regulation process together with CMAAC since 2009. She thinks it is important for the patients to feel safe in any acupuncture Office all over Manitoba, making sure every TCM Doctor or acupuncturist would be properly  trained , following the same code of conducts of the Regulatory Bodies related to TCM Education, having good skills, Knowledge and safety protocols keeping their clinics clean and using disposable and sterile needles. So Far, Manitoba doesn’t have any Regulation for acupuncture and anyone with a few hours of training can perform acupuncture. Her advise is to search for your Acupuncturist ‘s Last Name at CMAAC or TCMAAM websites to make sure they had a minimum of 2000 hours of training and 2 licenses, one for National and the other for Provincial practice. Many others professions ended up advertising they perform ” acupuncture”  but they don’t carry a license under our Associations and the reason behind that could be that these professionals  have  insufficient hours of education and also had unsupervised practice and  training. Sometimes patients don’t feel that acupuncture worked but when you get to find out why, they never got a real treatment under a properly trained , licensed professional. If you can get a practitioner with 3- 5 years training of 2000-5500 hours why would you go for someone who did not study enough to treat you? 

 Priscilla Kerr also fought for Licensed acupuncturists to be recognised as Essential workers during the Pandemic once they were placed in the BEAUTY INDUSTRY category and forced to close their businesses twice in 2020. Licensed acupuncturists lost 3 months of their work and numerous patients struggled to function without any help during difficult Pandemic times. After a long fight with Health officials she received an official letter on March 24, 2021 from the Health Minister Office accepting her request and  CMAAC and The Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Manitoba  members are recognised as ESSENTIAL WORKERS in Manitoba. Her Goal is keeping working with the government to get TCM more accepted and recognised as a health care profession.

Acupuncture stimulates the Qi (pronounced “chee”) flow throughout the channels of energy using needling insertion of thin stainless steel needles into specific sites on the body. Priscilla Kerr has over 22 years of clinical experience and the office is always clean and she uses disposable bedding sheets and her needles are single use only, disposable and sterile needles. Needles are disposed of in a bio-hazard waste container for removal by a regulated bio-hazard waste service every week..

NOTE: Every time a patient comes for the treatment we will give her/his a receipt, in case the patient loses his/her receipt and need a copy of it we require 24 hours NOTICE to search for that receipt. Acupuncture can’t be claimed on your INCOME TAXES yet.